Wednesday, October 13, 2010

$.$ mr.Money $.$

to mr money,
hye i wrote diz letter coz i miss u
every 27th of da month only i meet u
then so fast u went to my lanlord
to da TNB n Indah Water
u oso masuk mesin Celcom
i do hate u so much 
punye susah maw jumpe u
bile jumpe so senang u disapear
but still i love u
i will alwiz love u till da end of my life
even after i die oso i still need u
4 my cremation.erk.
so plz never leave me alone
sumtimes i 4got to appreciate u
i just shopping2 here n there
eat diz n dat 
went here n there
alwiz give u to other
so dat they r happy oso
got u as their fwen wat
ah 4got, when i said i hate u
i dun mean it la
dun merajuk wit me
i said i hate u becoz if i dun give money
to my family they will merajuk wit me
so pity me soo pity la wei
i sungguh sakit ati la
do i need to give u to others so dat they'll love me???!
im tired la
i gave them money baru they said they love me
if i dunt then? they said i didnt love em
wah they never gave me money wat
so literally they oso dont love me wat?
kihkih so funny la how u av been my enemy
for soo long but still i will alwiz love u
n i will try my hard to get to know u
so i can manipulate u n b rich
so i can just pay ppl to love me
uiks so shallow la my mind
ah wateva la
ill find a way
i promiz u
ill find a way~
love,ur truth fwen

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