Thursday, February 17, 2011

the Lake House

(menaip ngan pnoh perasaan)
2 hours before

i was about to go out lepakking at TC 
playing bubbles or licking ice cream
with my two other gal when suddenly
i re open my tv and when it turn to channel 8

"eh cerite mat salih la, cite apekah"

n start to watch da movie

"owh tajuk die Lake House, taw2 pnah dga"
"owh keanu reeves, sandra bullock"

i love them, they seems like perfect couple 
on the screen, like Shah Rukh n Kajol


after 15 minutes

"ergh. buhsan jew cerite nih. isk xpaham.
jom la kuar" 

tapi ktrang tak gerak pon
then, what?? they were mailing each other
but in different time n day n year?
n we all getting interesTED n keep on watching

10.45pm Misz Ina balik umah siapkn slide

11.35 pm K.oren balik bsok repot cite kat die

sorry lalings x jadi kuar



hati sungguh nyaman
perasaan sungguh tersentuh
damn!! if i knew da story diz sweet
ill watch it few years ago
n ill buy da cd
n ask my love one to watch it too
damn. da story. a bit illogic but
it doest matter coz i love da story line
cam cite Benjamin Button

haha, sungguh berperasaan sampai 
tules blog. haha.
im still overwhelm by da story
2 thums up 4 


p/s : those who appreciate love
should watch da muvi :)
wit loves from ur nurse @n!$

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